The Cynical Side of Romance

Valentine’s Day. Just uttering those two words fills my heart with a whole lot of dread. Passing by the windows of numerous shops in St Andrews, I see the cut out crimson hearts and I feel utterly left out on this holiday built for two. Look into the world of woe of the window displays and let consumerism shout its way to your heart.

Pickpocketing Love Letters

“If you are reading this then you are directly linked to the moment I decided A was incredible, amazing and worth keeping, I’ll let you know how it goes, x T”.

Speed Dating: Finding Love in the Union

“I’m only here as a joke y’know… like I’m here with my friends.” This is line you will hear from almost every single person that attended last week’s SHAG Week Speed Dating in the Union. Yes, we are all here as a joke… or so we say. Shifty eyes and requests for your number afterwards suggests otherwise.