Mastering the Art of Camp America

If you are ever unsure about what to do with your summer, take a moment to consider this: Camp America. An international company that places willing staff at summer camps all over the U.S.A. Camp America will find you an 8-week placement which includes room and board, walk you through your visa, organise your flights and handle any problems or issues you have before, during and after your time overseas. I can answer your skeptical questions you might have now. Don’t think you can afford it? With low upfront costs, that you can actually earn back in your ‘pocket money’ salary, it is an incredibly cheap way to travel. Don’t think you have the time or energy to sort it out? The application form is online, quick, and Camp America does the rest for you. Don’t think it’ll be fun? Well, I’ve done it twice, and am still craving to go back for another summer.

The Value of a Cherry Tomato

“FASTER, FASTER, FASTER”, the head chef yelled behind my neck as I clumsily dropped beets into a salad, staining the plate bright pink.  He rolled his eyes at me, the intern who seemed unable to compose a salad after weeks working at his restaurant. I did, however, know how to compose the Ensalada Remolacha; I had assembled twenty or thirty the previous week under little supervision.  Today, however, I worked in terror under the judgmental eyes of line cook Teresa and the head chef.