Top 5: Beaches in Scotland

It’s March. It’s Scotland. We are by the North Sea. Only days ago we had snow. We have not yet been able to model our fully varied scarf collection. Despite all of this, for some inexplicable reason, when the sun shines in St Andrews a “beach walk” is immediately back on the agenda. If, however, the appeal of West Sands is wearing thin, why not take advantage of Spring Break and check out some of the other beautiful beaches Scotland has to offer – after all, the (partially) sunny weather won’t be around forever.

A Wanderer’s Bucket List

The Wanderer team put our heads together to quiz our lovely Owl Eyes readers and St Andrews travel enthusiasts on their top 10 travel destinations. From 10 minutes down the road for a different view of the Fife coastline to a 15 hour flight across the world for an adventure on rarely frequented islands, here's what they suggested…

Wemyss & Other Wares

Having never visited the St Andrews Museum before, I was intrigued to find out what was inside when I visited the Wemyss and Other Wares exhibition. The St Andrews Museum is the large imposing Victorian mansion you see on the way to the North Haugh, opposite the tennis courts and bowls lawn. Inside, there is a café with a permanent collection on the ground floor, and upstairs is home to the Wemyss and Other Wares exhibition, organised by the Museum and Gallery Studies students.The exhibition is a showcase of nineteenth and twentieth century pottery from four of Kirkcaldy’s potteries, including the famous Wemyss Ware, notably favoured by Elton John and Prince Charles.

St Andrews’ Very Own Balgove Larder

My new favourite pastime is walking out to Balgove Larder on a Sunday morning for a lazy brunch with friends.  Looking out over the fields with a delicious homemade scone buttered with raspberry jam and a cup of tea, you can’t help but think life doesn’t really get much better.  I’m such a fan of the place that I’ve got many friends hooked on it, and hopefully after reading this you’ll venture out to discover it’s deliciousness as well!

Friendly Faces of Fife

Why did I pull my hungover self out of bed on yesterday’s cold, rainy and grey morning? For an Arbroath Smokie, of course. The delicious, juicy whole haddock is smoked on site when the Fife Farmers Market visits St Andrews on the first Saturday of every month. It’s easy to see why Iain R. Spink, the first man to take Arbroath Smokies on the road, has won over the hearts of Nigel Slater, Jamie Oliver and St Andrews’ resident foodies.

Five ways to escape St Andrews, within St Andrews

A typical complaint about St Andrews is that there is nothing to do. Not much shopping, no large restaurants, no club life, nothing of interest to students used to cities and all they have to offer.   JSAs, particularly, enjoy the first few days of “small town” life, but can quickly be heard lamenting their boredom loudly on the streets.

Snowdrops by Starlight

Just a fifteen-minute drive from St Andrews is Cambo Estate, famous for its snowdrops that carpet the acres of woodland every spring. For this week only, the gardens are open in the evenings to visitors who want to see them lit up under the moonlight. As someone who knows very little about snowdrops, or gardens for that matter, even I am tempted to drop by and wander through the fairy lit paths. The walk takes about an hour and you can even get a cup of tea in the Snowdrop Tea Room at the end of the evening. What could be a nicer way to spend a weekday night?