The Great Gatsby: Reviewed

The Great Gatsby, with its stunning eloquence, complex characters and mirage of excess, is not ideally suited for stage adaptation. The text of the play relies too heavily upon the poeticism of Nick’s monologues to bridge the gaps between haphazardly strung together key scenes from the book. Therefore, this must have been an incredibly difficult piece for the whole team to have worked with, and the limitations placed upon the actors and director because of the script were evident throughout this production.

‘Tis the Season to get Naked

2012 sees the return of the well-established AU: Stripped calendar. Once again, twelve teams from across the AU bared (almost) all for charity. The teams included the Women and Men’s Rugby, Netball, Ladies Golf, Women’s Lacrosse, Women and Men’s Football, Waterpolo, Cycling, Snowsports, Trampolining and the Polo Club, who posed in the nude at various locations across Fife, braving the bitter Scottish weather to show exactly what our Saints Sport athletes are made of.