Sartoriowl On Tour: Edinburgh Edition

Has a month in the Bubble left you with chronic wardrobe cabin-fever? Craving a shopping spree that lasts longer than a ten minute rummage in H&M? This week I head to Scotland's stunning capital, Edinburgh, to show that Scottish style is so much more than tartan kilts and Tam o’ Shanters.

A Wanderer’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

When my editor asked me to write an article for Valentine’s Day my first two thoughts were: how do I make this non cringe-inducing and after a lot of thought, that in the end it inevitably would be. I was also reminded of the first article I wrote for Owl Eyes about a love letter a friend and I found in Mitchell’s Deli on Market Street. The letter was short and beautifully simple – “If you are reading this then you are directly linked to the moment I decided A was incredible, amazing and worth keeping. I’ll let you know how it goes, x T”. With this in mind I decided to write an article about spending Valentine’s Day in and around our little old town – no need to jet off to Paris here!

A Break From The Books

Perhaps you aren’t feeling fully refreshed after a long break to the Maldives or Singapore or whichever exotic isle it was this year? Perhaps you spent the entire break reading a 900+ page book for your third year Spanish course and are missing that year abroad freedom? Perhaps you simply just can’t face the prospect of another semester trapped in the Bubble and need a last glimpse of the world before deadlines set in and classes really start? Well why not treat yourself to a little ‘Bubble Book Break’ with our top local destinations..

Owl Eyes talks to WitTank

With three man strong sketch show WitTank set to tickle your funny bones this Monday, Owl Eyes were curious about what they had in store for us.  So we thought it was a good excuse to call them up for a chat about the trio and their sketches. 

Christmas in Cologne

For a flavour of Christmas, forget any talk of the Edinburgh Christmas markets and make your way to Cologne, if you really want to feel some festive cheer. There are eight Christmas markets spread across the city, all within walking distance from each other and each portraying a different Christmas theme.

La Fête des Lumières

La Fête des Lumières is the biggest annual event in Lyon. In the 17th century, a plague struck and the town councilors vowed to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary, should the city be spared. Since then, the citizens of Lyon have lit candles in their windows on the 8th December every year. The celebrations now last four days and on the first day of the festival, there is still a candlelit procession up to the Basilica at Fourvière. Beside the Basilica is the huge illuminated message ‘MERCI MARIE’, which towers over the city, as a reminder of the festival's origins.

Demijohn: Edinburgh’s Liquid Deli

Stepping into Edinburgh’s Demijohn is like stepping into an apothecary’s store. With bottles piled high to the ceiling, filled with a rainbow of liquids, there is something magical and olde-worlde about selecting a liqueur of choice and watching it being hand-poured into a glass bottle with a cork stopper. It’s like being in an old-fashioned sweet shop, but for adults.