London’s Eatery Gems: Live Like a Local

Growing up in London, I have had the privilege of having access to many different food styles. In fact, this has sometimes been a problem. With so much variety and quality, where to go for food? So over the past 21 years, I have compiled a list of hidden gems which are mostly nestled in residential or slightly out of the way areas, but are definitely worth the trek.

“To [Study] Without Zest is a Crime”

For many of us St Andreans, our takeaway coffee (and sly warm pastry to which we succumb several times each week), grabbed en route to an early morning lecture is an essential part of our morning ritual. Done with little thought, and certainly dreary eyed, we often don’t consider the impact that this quotidian purchase can make.

Mastering the Art of Eating Abroad

Last spring break I stumbled upon an unusual talent. It was a talent that my best friend, and best travelling companion, had been nurturing for a few years. It’s a talent that suspended the regular arguments incurred by traveling. A talent that led us into the heart and soul of the cities we explored together. Hopefully I now have you all itching to know what this magical talent is.The talent was finding the best restaurants in whatever city she found herself in. You’d be surprised the impact good food can have on a trip, especially when travelling with friends. Some of my best memories have been made over the splitting of a custard doughnut in Prague, or sipping an earl grey martini in a mixologist bar in Budapest. In the spirit of autumn, I thought I’d share the love, so here are my top tips to mastering this oh so important talent.

London: Five Local Secrets

Behind the splendour of the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, far from the winding galleries of the Natural History and V&A museum and less dazzling than the Shard and London Eye, a different London lies. These lesser known hidden gems are unique and unaffected by mass tourism, identifiable only to those who know London well, or those who happen upon it by chance, lost in the labyrinth of the capital city. Once Big Ben is seen and done, here are some ideas for those looking for something off the beaten track.

A Guide to Eating Seasonally: Fall

With the first day of autumn officially behind us, gone are the days of ripe summer peaches, fresh summer strawberries, and straight-from-the-vine summer tomatoes. Its that time of year again to start embracing the season of fall, and to begin cooking with all of the beautiful produce that comes with autumn harvests.


Pronounced “FUH”, this traditional Vietnamese breakfast soup is my go-to comfort food. During their month-long stay in Vietnam, my parents watched people slurping up this soupy goodness on the streets, and came to love it themselves. At Thuan Tinh Island Cooking School in Hoi An, my mother learned the secrets to Pho, and passed them on to me. Though not the simplest of recipes, Pho is worth the effort, as it is comforting and packed with nutrition and flavour.