GIG: Blackout 2012. The Review

This highly anticipated event put on by the Global Investment Group gives St Andrews students a chance to get out of town and go to a real club . . . in Dundee.  It started with a sophisticated champagne reception in the Scores Hotel where, at about 9pm, floods of girls in sultry business chic and men in suits made their way in.  Everyone seemed to have found the Wall Street undone suitable as they creatively put their own spins on it – mostly with leather, jewels, and leopard.  The crowds mainly hung by the bars shaking their glasses and waiting not so patiently for more champagne.  Once the bottles had been emptied people made their way to the buses, limos, and to the main, cash only, bar. 

Locarno Nights: The Revival

Around December last year, whilst shopping in Dundee, I stumbled upon a leaflet for Locarno nights which were being held in the Reading Rooms, Dundee. Being a huge fan of 50 and 60’s soul, I was intrigued to see how these soul/doo-wop/rockabilly nights would be and what kind of crowd they would attract. So, on Friday 16th of March, St Andrews was treated to the first ever Locarno night, hosted by the Vic – and what a night we were treated to. Perfectly slotting in with the new décor of the Vic, the DJ’s kept the dance floor alive with classic doo-wop and northern soul tracks.

Break From The Bubble: Dundee Contemporary Arts

Everyone needs to escape from St Andrews every once in a while; my latest retreat was to the cinema at Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre. It was only a few weeks ago that I came across the DCA, when two friends and I were desperate to see a film outside St Andrews. It was the only place in the area showing Albatross, a slightly obscure film we had set our hearts on, so we embarked across the Tay Bridge in search of it.

Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton

Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton is the latest photographic show to arrive from the archives of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum to Dundee, in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee. As one of the most famous fashion photographers of the twentieth century, Beaton’s work shows the Queen as princess, queen and mother.