A Star is, indeed, Born

It has now been almost 24 hours since I sat down in the cinema to watch Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, A Star is Born, which marks the fourth remake of this classic Hollywood love story.   Since the moment the credits began to roll, with incessant tears running down my face, I have listened to the song ‘Shallow’ from the film’s soundtrack roughly 152 times.  A veritable masterpiece, both visually and vocally, Cooper and Lady Gaga have created a cinematic joy which you simply cannot miss.

The Great Gatsby: Reviewed

Casablanca is a second-rate film. It’s a strange mash-up, riddled with clichés, character inconsistencies and continuity errors. But, as philosopher Umberto Eco argues, all those elements – the muddle of eternal archetypes we use to tell ourselves stories – that almost made it awful, somehow elevated it to a higher plane: “there is a sense of dizziness, a stroke of brilliance.”  Ladies and gentlemen, The Great Gatsby is our Casablanca.

Get the Picture

The ONLY film I am thinking about this summer is The Great Gatsby. Not only is it based on arguably one of the greatest books in history but it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. There also already exists a good predecessor in Jack Clayton’s 1974 film starring Robert Redford. This film has a lot to live up to. But I will leave it to the end. First, some other blockbusters…

Four films to watch this month

It’s awards season again. With this comes reminders of the past year’s best hits, as well as all those lined up to entertain us on the silver screen over the next few weeks. Here are the Owl Eyes picks of what to watch this month…

DONT WALK launch the UK Analogue Photography Award

It all started off with a Russian analogue camera – a Lomo Kompakt Automat – found by two students in Austria in the 1990s. A few casual snaps later, they had the film inside developed, only to find a truly great result: vibrant shots, saturated with colour, and framed with a shadowy vignette. They had discovered a new artistic medium that would take the amateur world of photography by storm. And so, Lomography was born.

Break From The Bubble: Dundee Contemporary Arts

Everyone needs to escape from St Andrews every once in a while; my latest retreat was to the cinema at Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre. It was only a few weeks ago that I came across the DCA, when two friends and I were desperate to see a film outside St Andrews. It was the only place in the area showing Albatross, a slightly obscure film we had set our hearts on, so we embarked across the Tay Bridge in search of it.