Champagne Cupcakes

What better way to ring in a 21st birthday party than with an alcohol infused cake? Try making these fast, easy Champagne cupcakes as part of the festivities! If you are giving the cake as a gift, cake tins or a cup-cake stand would make great additions. Click here for more 21st birthday present ideas.

21st Birthday Presents on a Budget

Your 21st birthday is the most important birthday of your university years and hopefully one that you will remember. Help make your friend’s birthday as special by making a trip around the shops in St. Andrews and look whats cool for an appropriate 21st gift (on a student budget).

Demijohn: Edinburgh’s Liquid Deli

Stepping into Edinburgh’s Demijohn is like stepping into an apothecary’s store. With bottles piled high to the ceiling, filled with a rainbow of liquids, there is something magical and olde-worlde about selecting a liqueur of choice and watching it being hand-poured into a glass bottle with a cork stopper. It’s like being in an old-fashioned sweet shop, but for adults.