Four films to watch this month

It’s awards season again. With this comes reminders of the past year’s best hits, as well as all those lined up to entertain us on the silver screen over the next few weeks. Here are the Owl Eyes picks of what to watch this month…

Film Review: Midnight in Paris

Films that involve time travel rarely bode well. Unless you are producing a Disney cartoon, successfully weaving reality with the supernatural element of time travel is about as difficult as trying to squeeze toothpaste back into its tube – near impossible and almost always, a complete disaster. Take The Time Traveller’s Wife for example; what worked so beautifully in text was ultimately ruined in cinematic form. The same can be said about the awful re-make of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine in 2002, starring (of all people) Samantha Mumba. Surely, only text can convey the unnatural and make it believable… or can it?