St Andrews’ Summery Cocktails

On Wednesday, we featured a very popular Hawaiian dish called poi. In keeping with this Hawaiian theme, I wanted to share some delicious tropical cocktails with you inspired by my trip to Hawaii over break. I mean, who doesn’t love a good cocktail every now and then? I’ve scoured St Andrews to find a handful of the best summer cocktails around. While we’re all waiting to go on a fabulous summer holiday somewhere warm, we can drink these to pass the time. It’ll fly by, I promise!

Hawaiian Ketchup

“Our kings were big boys because of this stuff,” a cheery, half-naked server told me, pointing to a big bowl of purple-grey slime. 

What the locals do… Southern California

Southern Californian locals tend to fulfil their stereotypes. We do spend a great deal of time at the beach; we do generally like to shop; and yes, we do drive our cars very badly and very fast. In fact, Southern Californians are renowned for driving everywhere, probably because we are always on the look-out for activities that will at least somewhat separate us from our stereotypes.

Escape to Uist

For three days, I experienced life on one of the most remote islands of Scotland, an island in the Outer Hebrides known as North Uist. I arrived in a tiny, shaking airplane that swept into the pocket sized airport over breath-taking views of rock and shining, glimmering waves. The sea in the Uist is stunning. It is not like the nearly colourless waters around St. Andrews, but instead a wonderful Caribbean blue-green, which is yet more striking next to the white sands and black rock of the islands.

How to Pick the Perfect Travel Companion

The perfect trip relies on a finely tuned balance of destination, weather, timing and a myriad of other factors.  The perfect travelling companion can make or break it, so how do you find the balance between someone who will send you to sleep, and someone who will send you off the rails?