Studying In Siena

After graduation has come and gone, most of us will never again experience the amazing opportunity of a three month summer break. Having a quarter of your year to spend more or less as you choose is, quite honestly, a magical thing. If you’re looking to do something positive and learn a skill, but want to steer away from the internship route, you may want to consider a language immersion programme. 

Spaghetti with Marmite & Parmesan

Marmite.  You either love it or you hate it.  Some wish to wallow in it like a hippo in mud, others would rather be stripped naked in public – or so it says on the Marmite website.  Well personally I don’t particularly love it or loathe it; rather I’m more indifferent towards it.  At least normally I am.  Proclaiming to love a brown, sticky substance in a garish jar with the label ‘Yeast Extract’ simply makes little sense to me.  But this recipe, if you can call it that, from Italian food goddess Anna del Conte is to be loved.  It is perfect.

Top 5 Independent Food Shops in St Andrews

With a new Sainsbury's Local opening in St Andrews in time for summer, it is important to remember the many independent food retailers that fill the town. Although their products can be slightly more expensive than supermarket alternatives, it’s easy to forgive this when you realise the quality of the produce, the range and the advice the retailers have to offer. Here is a list of my top five independent food shops to persuade you to put down the Tesco basket and try something local.

Restaurant Review: Little Italy

I have to admit, I was not expecting Little Italy to be a culinary success. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; it is definitely hard not to with Little Italy. It’s faux-Italian exterior, garishly bright sign and shameless advertising on Market Street did not bode well. It looks like your classic Italian-British cliché restaurant, the kind you’re more likely find in Lady and the Tramp than in Tuscany. After hearing tales of dodgy frozen cheesecakes, I was even less inclined to go.