Reflections on: Skye

Eighty kilometres of jackknives, hairpins, switchbacks, dips, and blind summits wind through the treeless glens along the Isle of Skye’s northernmost peninsula. The Trotternish Loop — a more poetic title for the serpentining sprawl of the A87 — is, despite my descriptors to the contrary, a forgiving stretch of asphalt for someone who has never driven on the left side of the road in his life.

Escape the Bubble: Adventure Guide

October is looming and deadlines are slowly starting to appear on the horizon. The bubble seems to be getting smaller as workloads increase and we settle back into a routine that incorporates the Library, Pret, cake from Cottage Kitchen and many meetings in the Union. Time to escape?  I think so.

Escape the Bubble: Loch Leven

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fourth year in St Andrews, in possession of a car, must be in want of an adventure. Sadly, the minimal class hours of an arts student does not correlate to the vast expanse of free time one might hope for.

Romantic Scotland: 14 Ideas for February 14th

Although I dislike Valentine’s Day, for the commercial scheme it is, I am still a romantic and have a few suggestions of what to do that are not nauseatingly sweet. Whether you’re looking to reignite the spark, woo a new flame, or just go on a wee adventure with the one you love, Scotland has many romantic spots perfect for this special occasion.

Escape the Bubble: Electric Fields Festival

‘Escape the Bubble’ is a wee slice of something going on outside of our wonderful town, if you ever feel like you want to explore further afield. In the first article of the series, we look at Electric Fields, a Scottish music festival.

Guide to Surviving The Fringe

This summer I decided to plunge even further into Scottish life and spend my time working a part time job in Edinburgh. Okay, it may have been more out of necessity after a depleted fresher bank account, but nonetheless it was an exciting new adventure.

4 New Eats in St. Andrews

For a small town, St. Andrews always seems to offer new places to discover at the beginning of each school year. This semester’s new additions add many diverse (and welcome!) restaurant options. We’ve picked out four that deserve some extra attention.

Relaunching The Vic

It’s been a staple fixture in St Andrews as long as anyone can remember, associated with cheap drinks, sports clubs socials, and more recently, the popular miniMOOD Thursdays. But now The Vic is reopening it’s doors on Thursday 9th February with a brand new look, to take on the competitive St Andrews bar scene.

Rascals: The Latest Bar To Hit St Andrews

In a small town like St Andrews, any changes that occur on these three streets are hot news. From Marks & Spencers to Topshop, people are continuously trying to guess which will be the latest branch to open their doors on North or South Street; few manage to stay secret for very long. Rascals Bar, however, has kept its location under wraps until this week. The newest addition to St Andrews’ bar scene will be opening up in the infamous location above the New Picture House; once home to The Pitcher House, and before that MacKays, and before that…? Well, who can quite remember. It’s a location that’s always in flux, with few businesses sticking around for longer than a year. Owl Eyes got the chance to speak to Jamie Anderson, the Rascals Bar owner, and get the inside scoop on his plans for coming year…

Restaurant Review: Mitchell’s Deli

After a stressful, long wintry day I don’t want to go back to my under-heated house and begin cooking.  I want to go somewhere with a warm atmosphere and good food.  On atmosphere, Mitchell’s certainly delivers.  The service is bubbly and warm; our particular waiter repeated the specials twice and recommended several dishes.  The cutlery placed upside-down in empty Lyle’s Golden Syrup tins and coat-upholstered seats are nice touches, as are the board games tucked away in drawers at the window tables.