Concrete Catwalk’s ‘White Out’: Reviewed

Concrete Catwalk is slowly building up a reputation for some of the most stylish nights out in St. Andrews. This Tuesday played host to ‘White Out’, Concrete Catwalks second event of the year. The event soared very much under my radar, Concrete Catwalk has a unique way of filling their events with their fashionable fans. If you don’t follow their Facebook page or sartorially stalk one of their committee members, you could easily have missed the invite. Luckily at the last minute I spotted the event, spending Tuesday evening dressed up to the nines, ready to welcome spring to sunny Scotland, there seemed no better way to celebrate the end of essay deadlines.

TrendWatch: The Pleated Skirt

With the sun finally having graced us with its presence, it is prime time to embark on the British tradition of abandoning your 60 denier tights and embracing goose pimpled legs in the unrealistic hope of tanning in the Scottish sun.

Trend Watch: The Embellished Jumper

Too often this month I’ve ventured outside dressed in a breezy top and jacket, deceived by the miraculous appearance of the sun in St. Andrews. However after one too many chilly walks down market street I’ve accepted the inevitable, jumpers may be here to stay a wee bit longer (I say optimistically).

Locarno Nights: The Revival

Around December last year, whilst shopping in Dundee, I stumbled upon a leaflet for Locarno nights which were being held in the Reading Rooms, Dundee. Being a huge fan of 50 and 60’s soul, I was intrigued to see how these soul/doo-wop/rockabilly nights would be and what kind of crowd they would attract. So, on Friday 16th of March, St Andrews was treated to the first ever Locarno night, hosted by the Vic – and what a night we were treated to. Perfectly slotting in with the new décor of the Vic, the DJ’s kept the dance floor alive with classic doo-wop and northern soul tracks.