Freshers’ Guide: St Andrew’s Style Staples

For many of you, the East Fife winter will be quite the experience. Some days you’ll see 4 different kinds of weather, including both sleet and glorious sunshine. Other days, you’ll be blown off your feet and soaked through from the tough coastal weather. Never fear, however, as we have prepared this handy guide featuring the main style essentials you’ll be needing for this winter in St andrews essentials: jumper


Sartoriowl On Tour: Edinburgh Edition

Has a month in the Bubble left you with chronic wardrobe cabin-fever? Craving a shopping spree that lasts longer than a ten minute rummage in H&M? This week I head to Scotland's stunning capital, Edinburgh, to show that Scottish style is so much more than tartan kilts and Tam o’ Shanters.

The Ballgoer’s Guide to Style

My first Opening Ball was memorable for a myriad of reasons. For a start, my flat-mate went from drunk to sobbing in zero to sixty and it was the first time I learned what the power of a few Apple Sourz shots too many can really do (I suppose I was a bit Disney-naïve before I hit Fife). It was a rude awakening as to what was to come in the next four years, but was an even ruder style awakening: I spied tartan trousers and Chanel handbags side-by-side and I swiftly clocked that this was going to be a whole new sartorial world (see what I told you about the Disney thing?).