Mastering the Art of: Traveling Alone

Just like going to the cinema or eating alone, traveling alone is still seen as taboo; and I really don’t understand why! I love traveling with my family and friends when I can, but there is something so special about traveling alone. I recently took a solo train-trip through Switzerland and had a great time. If you follow my six tips when planning your next trip alone, you’ll be sure to have the best time.

Escape the Bubble: Switzerland by Train

Switzerland is only a two hour flight from Edinburgh. Once you get there, you can traverse the entirety of the country easily and cheaply. Switzerland has one of the best rail networks in the world, allowing you to see the splendors of the natural landscapes and the cityscapes as well. From snowcapped mountains and shimmering lakes to quaint little towns and cosmopolitan cities, here is my recommended route to see it all: