Travels of a Vegetarian

No matter where I’ve been I have never had a problem being a vegetarian. I will admit that I have never been to the Mongolian steppes or a small village in Africa, but in my experience being a vegetarian abroad is easy. Yes, the waiter at a café I went to in Montmartre in Paris didn’t quite understand that vegetarians do not eat ham as a general rule, but these sorts of linguistic and cultural differences are bound to happen, especially when one person speaks only a sort of garbled Franglais that’s the sad result of two years of French classes. That aside, I’ve always quite enjoyed being a vegetarian abroad, as it forces me to go on hunts for nice cafes and cosy, local restaurants. Plus, I invariably have seen more of a city in my wanderings, even if that has meant that by the time I’ve reached a nice café I am so exhausted I have flopped into a chair like a rag doll for two hours.

A Vegetarian, a Pizza, and a Crush

One of the things I love about St Andrews, is that students throw dinner parties. Not just casual get-togethers or potlucks, but full on, multiple-course dinners. At first, I found this concept to be too grown-up for students on a budget, but I quickly became a fan of these feasts. I have been served everything from scallops, to individual white chocolate crème brulées to imported balsamic vinegar, and usually find myself completely stuffed!


This is possibly the greatest vegan dish ever to adorn my table. It’s simple, healthy, filling and delicious. What’s more, you couldn’t possible spend more than half an hour on it. While assembling this salad, there are two simple things to remember: