An American Thanksgiving Abroad

For Americans, Thanksgiving holds a special place in our hearts, and in our fall calendars. A day off from work and school, filled with close family, delicious food, and a cozy environment, the perfect combination to lift your spirits until the official holiday season. But what happens when a tradition you have spent you whole life observing is suddenly absent from the calendar is something that American expats feel the weight of every time that fourth Thursday in November rolls around. While Thanksgiving Day may not be officially observed here in St Andrews as classes continue, there are still plenty of options for all of the Americans in town to celebrate.

How to Pick the Perfect Travel Companion

The perfect trip relies on a finely tuned balance of destination, weather, timing and a myriad of other factors.  The perfect travelling companion can make or break it, so how do you find the balance between someone who will send you to sleep, and someone who will send you off the rails?