Ten Things to Do in Southern California

Southern California, or ‘SoCal’ as I call it, has always been my home. It has a very rare reputation of being a place where you can ski and surf in the same day. We all know the main sites; Disneyland, the Hollywood sign, PCH. But what about the local secrets? Here are some must-see spots for people who want to go off the beaten track in Southern California:

Ten Things To Do in Boston

One of the oldest cities in the United States, ‘The City on the Hill’ is home to MIT, Matt Damon many sites of historical interest. With so much to see, it can be easy to be overwhelmed and as exploring a new place can be an expensive business, here are my tips for the best things to do in Boston when travelling on a student budget.

Ten Things to Do in New York

With Taylor Swift blaring out of my headphones, I arrived in the city that doesn’t sleep. Rather fittingly, I hadn’t slept. An eight hour bus drive from Virginia, with the person sitting next to you snoring unnecessarily loudly, is not a recipe for relaxation. But, undeterred, I set about trying to cram as many experiences as possible into one weekend in the Big Apple. Here are my top ten suggestions for a trip to NYC!

Mastering the Art of the West Coast Road Trip

Whether you have lived in California your whole life like me, or have never seen the Pacific Ocean, a road trip along the West Coast of the USA should definitely be on your bucket list. A year ago I embarked on the 3 state, 1,400-mile-long road trip, and I am here to give you a border to border guide, from a West Coast native.

Mastering the Art of Camp America

If you are ever unsure about what to do with your summer, take a moment to consider this: Camp America. An international company that places willing staff at summer camps all over the U.S.A. Camp America will find you an 8-week placement which includes room and board, walk you through your visa, organise your flights and handle any problems or issues you have before, during and after your time overseas. I can answer your skeptical questions you might have now. Don’t think you can afford it? With low upfront costs, that you can actually earn back in your ‘pocket money’ salary, it is an incredibly cheap way to travel. Don’t think you have the time or energy to sort it out? The application form is online, quick, and Camp America does the rest for you. Don’t think it’ll be fun? Well, I’ve done it twice, and am still craving to go back for another summer.

Hometown Highlights: Seaside, Florida

Whenever I tell someone that I am from Florida, people usually respond with “Oh wow! I’ve been to Orlando and Miami, it was great!” or “Yeah, my grandparents live in Ft Lauderdale”. Central and South Florida are great places, don’t get me wrong, but the hidden gems are up in the Panhandle, just below the Alabama-Florida state line.

Mars and Snowtubing: Winter Break in Small-Town America

To say that going back home is always a bit of a transition is an understatement. My hometown, Mars, is a little place along the old Pennsylvania rail line in the southwestern part of the state. It boasted a population of about 1,600 in 2010 and has a metal flying saucer we move around the town’s green from time to time. Most people don’t get the chance to say this, but St Andrews felt big to me when I first came here. As in, people are always on the street, and the only restaurants in town are not, in fact, Suzie Q’s, the Chinese takeaway place, and a pizza place or two, and there is a roundabout in this town that had me in constant fear for my life during first year (a fear that did nothing to improve my ability to cross streets).

Adventures in Alaska

At least my death will probably make the papers: maybe not CNN, but definitely my hometown’s Libertyville Review ‘cause I’m tragically adorable enough. These were the thoughts running through my head as the small-enough-to-see-the-cockpit, rickety “plane” jerked and dipped its way through the roaring polar winds towards our destination somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. Peering fearfully downwards through the biting sheets of icy flakes, I gulped at the jagged, white peaks pointed threateningly up towards us like the teeth of a terrifying snow monster; being eaten by a creature of ice was not exactly how I envisioned this trip going.

Forgotten America

Visitors to America never seem to see the “true” U.S. They hear our jokes about rednecks and laugh along; they vaguely know we have lots of corn fields but other than that the middle of America is a vast mystery. To dismiss the vast middle and bottom end of America as loosely populated and dull is to miss some of the most beautiful aspects of America; the rolling green hills of Illinois, the sunflower fields of Missouri, and the ponds and rivers that seem to go on and on.