Locarno Nights: The Revival

Around December last year, whilst shopping in Dundee, I stumbled upon a leaflet for Locarno nights which were being held in the Reading Rooms, Dundee. Being a huge fan of 50 and 60’s soul, I was intrigued to see how these soul/doo-wop/rockabilly nights would be and what kind of crowd they would attract. So, on Friday 16th of March, St Andrews was treated to the first ever Locarno night, hosted by the Vic – and what a night we were treated to. Perfectly slotting in with the new décor of the Vic, the DJ’s kept the dance floor alive with classic doo-wop and northern soul tracks.


Feeling as if I’d been transported back half a century, I was in my element, finally being able to dance to music that was made purely for that purpose and to highlight the fun of having nights that delve back into history and revive musical genres that can often be forgotten. From Bo Diddley’s “Road Runner” to Martha Reeves “Nowhere to Run”, I challenge anyone who was at the Vic that night to say they were not up on their feet.

With two out of the four DJ’s making their way to St Andrews, Scott Davidson and Steven James Herd, and with only a slight technical hitch (they informed me they preferred playing with vinyl rather than laptop, but technology took over that night), the night was fantastic and definitely an event that suits St Andrews well. The intimacy of the Vic was something the organisers were not used to; Karen Wilson, one half of the organising team of Locarno, informed me that it was even bigger in the nights at Dundee but they were pleased with the first reception.

Some examples of what you will hear…

The next Locarno night is set for April 21st at the Reading Rooms in Dundee, I will definitely be attending with dancing shoes back on and looking forward to seeing the night in its hometown glory. Who’s joining me?

The Reading Rooms is located at 57 Blackscroft Eastport, Dundee, DD4 6AT

Images sourced from the Locarno Facebook Page. Compiled by Nicole Horgan.