One to Catch on iPlayer: Frozen Planet

Every Wednesday night, it is David Attenborough’s lulling voice that takes us through the seasons in the magical ice world of Frozen Planet, following the animals that roam the frosty landscapes and the fish that swim the waters beneath.

It is a well-known fact that Attenborough’s many nature documentaries boast some of the most incredible wildlife filming; Frozen Planet certainly does not disappoint. We are graced with magnificent landscapes, filled with millions of penguins, hunting killer whales, fighting seals, and polar bears putting their cubs in the ‘naughty corner’. It is truly entrancing to watch animals behaving in their natural ways, showing life untouched by humans; the way the world once was.

Almost as mesmerising as the programme itself is the fifteen minutes at the end, showing how the BBC has managed to capture such astonishing footage. The film crew risk their lives, living in artic conditions with 100 mph winds for months on end, with killer whales attempting to knock them off their little dinghy, just as they do with their prey.

If you are not already addicted to this series, I highly recommend you look it up on BBC iPlayer or watch it tonight on BBC 1 at 9pm; it is not one to be missed.