Stereoscope Magazine: Periphery Submissions

Stereoscope Magazine is again welcoming literary and photographic submissions, this time for their big issue entitled PERIPHERY:


“The periphery is the outer edge. On the margins there is perhaps a hardness, a marked contrast, or a soft gradient of difference. Peripheral vision is inherently elusive – shapes, figures and colours remain spectral and just out of sight. We make out the shapes of things in the darkness, but never look straight at them. Internally, within the outer limits of consciousness, memories of people and past selves tiptoe on the fringes of our minds.

When constructed, the periphery is the product of the drawing of borders and the stringing out of twisted wire to mark the edge. Peripheral places, people and objects speak from beyond official space, positioned socially and politically against that crowded mass which writhes mechanically in the centre.

The periphery is liminal by nature. To decode it is part of the process of manipulating our landscapes – to define self and other, to explore that relationship between seeing and knowing.”

Check out the event here for details and all submissions can be sent to