Style Guide: Festive Season Fashion

Christmas is less than a month away. For the seasonally unstable among us, that means that it’s now almost socially acceptable to start Spotifying Christmas carols (and Bublé’s amazing new album of reworked Christmas classics) and watching White Christmas on repeat (oh, Bing). But the pre-Christmas season in St Andrews also means that the social calendar is brimming with exciting opportunities to whip out the sparkly dresses. Be the star of the party in our picks of the best festive season fashion. 

The Style Season of Advent

The Advent Ball is the classic event – dinner, carols and ceilidh – which means that the Advent Ball is the perfect opportunity to go classic with your clothes. We love All Saints’ Daina dress, a cute prom style, the perfect length for dancing (no flashing, no tripping and no opportunities to cake the hem in mud – much as that is an enjoyable Kinkell pass-time), super flattering and simple enough to look great with a seasonal faux-fur stole. Altogether now: “On the first day of Christmas…:

Classic Christmas Colours

Take inspiration from the traditional Christmas colour palette and opt for fir-tree green in a Grecian style floor length gown, or select a more grown up version of a Sexy Santa body-con dress in festive red (both from Topshop). Add some Bauble-style decs in the form of twinkling gold accessories: a pair of chandelier earrings and some perilous platforms will prove a winning combination. Just go easy on the eggnog – don’t want all that effort getting fabulous going to waste.

Nobel Prize Winning Style

The Nobel Ball, run by the Scandinavian Society, isn’t actually about looking noble or nobility (common misconceptions). Rather, it’s in celebration of the Nobel Prize, established by Alfred Nobel in recognition of cultural and scientific advances. If we were being clichéd (which we are), we’d recommend a canny colour choice of gold – the colour of champions (and Christmas). Win your Nobel Prize for forward thinking in fashion with this ASOS gold, glittery number. You’ll also double up as a disco ball, which is always handy.

Main photo courtesy of Jules Piccotti.