The 12 Films of Christmas: part 3

So this is Christmas, and Owl Eyes has compiled a list of Christmas films to get you in just the right amount of cheer over revision period… May we present to you, the 12 films of Christmas…

Of course, it wouldn't be responsible to give you all of them at once; after all, you must fit in some revision but here it is, our final four… These are the crème de la crème of Christmas movies. By this point, you’ve finished exams and are on the train/bus/plane home, or curled up in bed before packing, or eating home-cooked food on Christmas eve…

9) Elf

I’d never really thought about it, but this is sort of the opposite of pinocchio. He’s a real boy that wants to be an elf… OK not that much, since he is a human actually raised by elves. When Buddy heads off to New York city to find his father so much hilarity ensues; it’s best explained by it’s own trailer. Unfortunately we’ve missed the #elfalong on twitter, alas!

Heart-warming rating: not really relevant, it’s funny.

10) Love Actually

Its reputation makes me want to dislike it, but I actually love, love actually… Forgive me, I’m in the depths of revision hell too ya know… With a cast so impressive I can’t be bothered to list it here (and who hasn’t seen it?!) and the perfect blend of Richard Curtis Britishisms, romance and Christmas to get you excited for decorating the tree, Love Actually comes highly recommended.

Heart-warming rating: 4*

11) The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Based on the Dr. Seuss book, this modern retelling of the classic tale oozes big budget. The story is as wonderful as ever still with unbeatable rhymes, but now it’s complete with Jim Carrey playing the grinch. Yes, it is more of a kid’s film, but since most of us probably watched it as kids, it’s here for nostalgia’s sake. Only real downside – it stars Taylor Momsen before she grew up, reminding us how tragic it is that she grew up to be this.

Heart-warming rating: 3*

12) The Snowman

Who could live without it? I ask in all honesty? Yes, ABBA is entirely appropriate here because it is all about the music in The Snowman. Aled Jones in his finest hour! Charming animation, stunning storytelling capabilities and it involves a magical land where the snowmen just chill with santa around the biggest Christmas tree of all time. It’s a dream.  And essentially mandatory Christmas eve viewing.

Heart-warming rating: 5*

And because it’s Christmas….

13)It’s a Wonderful Life

Frank Capra’s tale of redemption at Christmas time is a classic, widely talked about by everyone who has seen it. I can’t tell you why, because shame on me, I’ve not seen it. However, the film probably has enough recommendations to its name that you can trust it.

Heart-warming rating: 5* …apparently