Up, Up and Away with Pan Am

A new American series is about to hit our television screens in the UK next week, revolving around life in the air on the infamous airline, Pan Am, during the 1960s.

With cocktails flowing and sumptuous food being passed down the cabin, Pan Am explores the lives and loves of travelling clientele and their accompanying air hostesses. Follow the Pan Am girls, as they sweep down the aisles, sorting our in-flight emergencies without even creasing their skirt. Set against a Cold War backdrop, this programme represents everything about the airline industry that seems to be lacking today: sophistication, luxury, and seduction. A time when desirable air hostesses exuded glamour and pilots were the heroes of the skies. See an entirely new side to air travel and be transported back to a time of romance, exoticism and adventure… We promise, you won't regret it.

Watch this if… you like the glitz of Gossip Girl and the action of Mad Men.

Pan Am starts on Wednesday 16th November, BBC2, at  9pm. 

Images courtesy of  Heruni.com and StickerHunt.