Upcoming Band: The Lumineers

I’ll admit it, I have a tendency to watch a lot of bad television. As I finished one episode of my most recent guilty pleasure, a show about a fashionable young New York doctor who moves to a small Alabama town to inherit the medical practice, owned by her recently deceased, biological father (yes, it is as bad as it sounds), a song that I didn’t recognise played. It was a surprisingly good song for a terrible show. 

After Googling the lyrics, I found the song, ‘Ho Hey’ by a Denver-based trio called The Lumineers. Finding obscure music is another pleasure of mine, so I couldn’t help but be intrigued by this band that are yet to even release an album.

Behind their rustic, folksy sound, it’s impossible to deny how pleasant the lead singer’s voice is.  They use a wide variety of instruments, from the acoustic guitar to a violin to a tambourine to egg shakers; this rhythmic, collaborative sound only helps accentuate the simple, personal lyrics. Whilst their music isn’t anything dramatic or life changing, it’s perfect for relaxing and would make a great contribution to a mellow playlist.

The videos of their live performances all have a similar feel, but not in an unpleasant or repetitive way. Filmed in bars with honey-colored lighting, the entire band and the audience join in at the chorus; a telling sign of how infectious their enthusiasm and music is.

‘Ho Hey’ is one of their more upbeat songs, but even their more subdued, guitar-driven songs like ‘Stubborn Love’ are enjoyable; I always find myself tapping my feet along with them. Though it is often hard to tell how a band will develop and what they will become, I personally cannot wait to see what they will bring to us.

Listen if you enjoy… Mumford & Sons

Track of choice... Scotland – check it out below!

Images sourced from Listen Up Denver and Fuel Friends Blog.