St Andrews’ Summery Cocktails

On Wednesday, we featured a very popular Hawaiian dish called poi. In keeping with this Hawaiian theme, I wanted to share some delicious tropical cocktails with you inspired by my trip to Hawaii over break. I mean, who doesn’t love a good cocktail every now and then? I’ve scoured St Andrews to find a handful of the best summer cocktails around. While we’re all waiting to go on a fabulous summer holiday somewhere warm, we can drink these to pass the time. It’ll fly by, I promise!

I know it’s ultra mainstream, but a Mojito is definitely my cocktail of choice. The fact that it’s so simple to make is kind of dangerous, seeing as I’ve found myself alone in my kitchen whipping them up on nice days. Lime, sugar, sparkling water, mint, and rum are all you need. I like to think of it as a Sprite that just happens to have alcohol in it. This drink of Cuban origin is easily found in most bars, but I really like the ones at The Westport.

Mai Tai
Deriving from Tahitian phrase maita’i roa ae, or “out of this world,” the Mai Tai is just about as tropical as a cocktail can get. On flights from the mainland United States to the Hawaiian Islands, this cocktail is a mainstay with tourists excitedly awaiting their arrival in paradise. I admit, I definitely fit that stereotype and indulged in one on my flight over spring break. However, the airline version of a Mai Tai is not nearly as good as what you come across in a proper establishment. Try the Adamson for this drink with Polynesian flair.

Piña Colada
The wonderfully tropical flavors of pineapple, coconut, and white rum combine to make the quintessentially tropical drink, the Piña Colada. It’s kind of like the milkshake of cocktails – something that probably shouldn’t be consumed too regularly, but is definitely worth the indulgence on occasion. This Puerto Rican concoction immediately conjures up images of days spent lounging about on a sunny white sand beach. Unfortunately, the beaches on the East Coast of Scotland are not quite conducive to sunbathing. Head over to Number Forty for one of these.

Long Island Iced Tea
One of the most popular cocktails ever, the Long Island Iced Tea packs a punch. In case you’re wondering, there isn’t actually iced tea in this beverage – just a whole lot of alcohol and a splash of Coke. Out of all of the aforementioned beverages, this one might actually have you thinking you’re in another locale. My own mother warned me about this particular drink, saying it will “knock you on your…butt.” Folks, I have to say she’s right. After exams back in January a few of us split two pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea at Rascals. Let me tell you, it was quite the evening. The completely off the wall twitter feeds and photos are proof.

Images sourced from Napa Style, FemmezineMy Recipes, Paula Deen, and The Food Network,