The Catbird Seat

My hometown Nashville has long been famous for its country music, and honkey tonk bars, but it is fast becoming a foodie destination. Over Christmas break I was lucky enough to secure a reservation at The Catbird Seat, one of Nashville's newest and most exciting restaurants. Much to the envy of a friend who has been trying for a reservation for quite some time, we were not disappointed. Owner's Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson were the recipients of Food and Wine Magazines top 10 best new chefs in 2012.

The modern and minimalistic interior holds a mere 32 people, which keeps the atmosphere intimate and relaxed. Diners are places around the center kitchen so the intended theater can begin. Food skillfully prepared and artfully plated creates an anticipation that increases with every course.

The twelve course menu which changes every night combines classic flavours with modern techniques. I was delighted by the seared Arctic Char, served with cream cheese gnudi, dill puree, and caraway seeds. A clever twist on the classic lox & bagel presented familiar flavors, but the textures and presentation could not be further from that.

One of the desserts included their take on Bourbon Balls. Traditionally, these are a type of cookie containing Bourbon. But the chefs at The Catbird Seat used molecular gastronomical techniques to create caviar-like balls infused with the liqueur. 

Not only was the evening tasty, it was also educational as each course was accompanied by wine, or an inventive mocktail, explained by the sommelier. Unique and delicious in every way, The Catbird Seat is not just a meal, it is an experience.