21st Birthday Presents on a Budget

Your 21st birthday is the most important birthday of your university years and hopefully one that you will remember. Help make your friend’s birthday as special by making a trip around the shops in St. Andrews and look whats cool for an appropriate 21st gift (on a student budget).

The Classic Gift:

The Gift Gallery carries a series of bedazzled birthday wine glasses (£15.99), champagne glasses (£12.99) and shot glasses (£4.99) that will make the birthday girl stand out. If you’re looking for something extra, go talk to Cosmo at Luvian’s who has a plethora of knowledge about champagnes, wines, and whiskeys. You could also pair a shot glass with a Keep Calm mug (also from The Gift Gallery), for the inevitable next day hangover.

The Coffee Addict:

As long as we’re on the subject of hangovers, Starbuck’s has finally copped on and sent the delectable Pumpkin Spice Lattes to the UK. It’s only available to Starbuck’s registered card holders at the moment so take one of those mugs from The Gift Gallery and insert a Starbuck’s Gift Card with it. I promise your North American friends will love you for this.

The Spa Girl:

Bell St offers a few back-to-back stops that will create the perfect gift basket for your friend who likes to chill out with a glass of wine and a bubble bath. Darling sells Bomb Cosmetics (2 for £5 or a box of 4 for £9.99). You can place these in a Cath Kidson cosmetic bag (small £12; large £20) and finish off in The Body Shop. We recommend the Body Butter (£13; 50% off at time of writing), Shower Oil for £8 or some Salt Scrub for £15. Bonkers on Market St also carries Burt’s Bees, Au Lait, and Highland Soap Co. products.

The Kid at Heart:

While turning 21 is associated with the insatiable desire to drink, some of us can’t help but remember the days when Jelly Sandals were fashionable or when a Beanie Baby was #1 on your birthday list. If your friend is looking to revert back to her childhood (everyone should embrace their inner kid), Darling sells GelArt stickies for your window (£4.50) and The Gift Gallery has a series of adorable stuffed animals.

A Little Bit of Whimsy:

Bonkers could be your one stop for this gift. Downstairs you can find a Hoodies Ipod or Ipad case (£9.60-£15.95), Gin + Titonic freezer set (£6.50), and Cool Shooters (£9.95). Is your flatmate hard to read? Pick up The Daily Mood book (£7.25). Wrap it up classy with their assortment of tissue paper, gift wrap, and gift bags (£1.25-£8).

The Hopeless Cook:

Is your friend looking a bit odd from living off beans on toast? Bonkers sells a Student Cookbook for £6.99 that might be able to help. Mica Home can liven up the gift with silicon individual cupcake holders (£4.99). If you have time, fill the holders with some homemade cupcakes and place them in a Keep Calm and Eat Cake tin from The Gift Gallery (£9.99-£14.99).

The Cosmo Girl:

Mica Home at the end of South Street offers a number of cocktail shakers (£12.99-£24.99), cocktail jiggers (silver £3.99; bedazzled £7.99), and tropical cocktail stirrers (£3.99). If you happen to be a cocktail extraordinaire or want to procrastinate on Google, pick up a miniature notebook from downstairs in Bonkers or Ryman’s and fill it with classic cocktail recipes. The bedazzled shot glass from The Gift Gallery (£4.99) wouldn’t go astray either.

The Vintage Lover:

This one will take some dedication. Curiosity on South St has a number of unusual items and if you can sort through it, you might find a gem. They sell Record Clocks for £12 and carry a number of records in the file cabinets on the right side of the store. If you’re looking to add a bit of class to your boyfriend’s beer drinking, they sell vintage beer tankers for £15-£30.

Fashion Forward:

La Boutique on Bell St sells an array of adorable Zebra and Skull scarves (£16.99). We’d also highly recommend the Estella Bartlett bracelets located in a variety of styles throughout the store (£9.99-£14.99). If you’re looking to splurge, they carry a number of patterned blouses and dresses that are hard to resist.

The Finishing Touch:

Almost all the stores listed carry a number of fun birthday cards so you’re bound to find the perfect one. At the time of writing, everything in Clinton’s is 50% off! And don’t forget to look upstairs in Bonkers for all of your wrapping needs. However, if you need something more unusual, Darling on Bell St sells a few vintage boxes that would fit a jewellery gift or those small odds and ends from around town (around £10)

St. Andrews is not short of fun, fashionable items for your friend’s 21st birthday. And if your 21st is on the horizon, Keep Calm You’re Only 21 (book available at Bonkers £4.99)

Images courtesy of Yuriy Seleznev, Christopher ElwellJiri Hera, and GoodMood Photo. Brushes by Dementers. Compiled and edited by Kerri Pandjaitan.