With the largest department in the university and a reputation that has attracted thousands of students from all over the world, hearing that this year’s Ambassador’s Ball was the first in their history almost made me do a double-take. But I can confirm – as I have asked many times – that this year marks an impressive milestone for the International Relations Department, with the launch of their inaugural ball.

The Ambassador’s Ball was held in the ballroom of the Old Course Hotel on April 20th. After guests completed the walk to the venue, they were treated to a complimentary glass of wine (or orange juice, for non-alcoholic party-goers). The ballroom itself was fairly small and intimate – there were a couple of tables that switched from large dining to cocktail as one got closer to the stage. Another room acted as a bar with a couple of couches for guests to relax and chat. The decorations were very reflective of the theme, “Around the World in 80 Days”, as a banner of flags hung above along with miniature hot air balloons.

According to most attendees, the best part of the night by far was the music, and especially the ceilidh. Much like the theme of IR, the music was very diverse. Guests were treated to performances by Jazzworks, Whale Shark Daddy, Tigre DJ, and the headliner J Quow. However, it was the ceilidh that stole the show. In such a small and intimate event, a ceilidh was perfect. Guests were grabbing their friends, and as photos from the event show, were having the time of their lives.

However, the main point of criticism was the food. As advertised, guests came in expecting many food trucks and were unfortunately disappointed. The committee did, however, have a Mozza truck available and guests were also treated to complimentary ice cream from Janettas, so overall, the lack of food did little to dampen the experience of the night.

I’d recommend the Ambassador’s Ball for students who prefer more intimate and casual balls. It lacked the pretentious setting of many other balls as guests were dressed in formal attire, but with the comfortable addition of sneakers instead of heels. Props to the committee for taking on the impressive feat of hosting their first ball, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Ambassador’s Ball committee.

Photos courtesy of Sean Gordon Photography.