Mermaids Christmas Ball 2018: Reviewed

From thousands of twinkling lights, to multiple chocolate fountains and spirited Christmas music, guests truly fell down the rabbit hole at this year’s Mermaid’s Christmas Ball. Christmas Ball is always one of the most anticipated nights of the year, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Everyone was having a fabulous time, whether it was their first time or their fourth.

The pre-event introduced this year’s Alice in Wonderland theme. As guests entered they were welcomed by an orchestra, hinting at the enchantment that awaited them, including Wonderland themed specialty drinks. Even with the rainy weather, waiting for the buses was an enjoyable social event, as conversations filled with anticipation surrounded the building.

The night got even more magical as guests were then whisked away to the enchantingly decorated Kinkell Byre. While decorations were very similar to those of the last few years, there was a mysterious allure throughout the building, as playbills were replaced with clocks. A photo booth with hanging playing cards allowed guests to get photographic proof of their night in wonderland. The whole building seemed to be lit up, with strands of beautiful fairy lights and whimsical rose decorations that even the Red Queen would be proud of. From a glass of bubbly upon arrival to the ever-loved Jannetta’s ice cream, to the oozing chocolate fountains, guests had all of their hunger needs satisfied. Some of St Andrew’s favorite food vendors even offered guests extra food options, such as delicious burgers and toasties.

The atmosphere was one of hopeful holiday energy, as students were eager to have one last hurrah before being completely engulfed by exam stress. The dance floor was crowded, but no one seemed to mind. The multiple bands on stage captivated the crowd with their twists to traditional Christmas tunes and popular ballads as the night went on. Christmas spirit was definitely in the air, and some of the most magical moments were had as a band played the classic Christmas hits. Once exhaustion hit from all the lively dancing, guests were able to rest their feet in colorful heated tents or sit on the benches set to the side to observe the merriment instead. Rumor is some lucky visitors even got to have a photo shoot with the Queen of Hearts herself.

As this was my first Christmas Ball experience, I was incredibly impressed with the way it captured the true essence of a St Andrews event. Everyone was having an utterly enchanted time, easily distracted by the charismatic live music and spellbinding decorations. In my opinion, Christmas Ball is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the first semester before heading home for the Christmas holidays.

All photos courtesy of Ania Juszczyk, Ewan Harvey and Mariah Dennis for Lightbox St Andrews.