Christmas Ball Preview

Christmas is coming. Britain’s lack of a Thanksgiving to provide a bookend to the Christmas season means that it is only October 21st and I am already using the word ‘Christmas’ in a sentence without any trace of irony. God help us all. Fortunately though, I have the task of writing about Christmas Ball and not the shopping season madness, which is preferable by far.

The last big ball of the fall semester is back for it’s 11th reincarnation this year and will be held on November 30th, which is only slightly more than a month away, believe it or not. Put on by the Mermaids, Christmas Ball serves to fund acts from St Andrews for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Last year they were able to raise about £15,000, funding 6 shows in full or in part. That is totally cool and certainly justifies the cost of a £35 ticket. Fun, festive, and for a good cause? Sign me up.

At every point from ticket sales to music, Christmas Ball gives the impression of having been well-thought-out and refined through years of experience. In fact this year, a particular emphasis is being placed on improving transportation to the event from the pre-party, which will be at a new, and as of yet undisclosed location. The Mermaids are also spicing up ticket sales, which promise to be an event in of themselves with snacks, refreshments, and live music.

This year’s theme is 100 Years of Deep Winter, a reference to C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. What does this mean exactly? The dress code is still black tie, but as ball convener Lottie Barker says, ‘subtle hints of wintery magic would not go amiss.’ In other words, this would appear to be the time to wear your festive frock or your Aslan bow tie. Held at Kinkell Byre, Christmas Ball is also adding an additional space to the main dance area this year, offering different drinks, different music and a more relaxed feel, which I find often adds a nice extra dimension to any ball. The music will include performances by the Alleycats, The Black Sheep, and The Correspondents, who some readers may remember rocked Masquerade Ball a few years back.

The bottom line is that in a social calendar that seems to be constantly filling up with more and more balls, Christmas Ball is a classic mainstay that is not to be missed. Ticket sales are indoors (read: warm) in Venue 1 of the Union at 10am on November 5th. Be sure to get there on time to pick up your ticket to one of St Andrews’ favorite traditions… tickets will sell out fast!

Want more info? Check out the event’s Facebook page