Concrete Catwalk x The Speakeasy: Reviewed

To celebrate their third year, the St Andrews student fashion blog Concrete Catwalk transformed The Adamson into a 1920’s speakeasy for a night of themed cocktails, music and fashion. The 20’s atmosphere was created mostly due to the guests rather than from any excess of decoration. Other than generic party décor like confetti, taped to the bar were signs that read ‘gangster speakeasy’ and a themed cardboard cutout in the back provided a great photo op. Upon entering, you were so overwhelmed by girls in fur coats and pearls and boys in suits and tie pins that the minimal decoration was easily forgotten.

If the theme of the party wasn’t enough to entice you to come, Concrete Catwalk’s events team might have convinced you with the promise of goody bags, free drinks and sweets. The first 40 arrivals received goody bags stuffed with vouchers, candles and a free Bobbi Brown makeover. A large crowd gathered around the bar as everyone grabbed their complementary cocktail or glass of wine, each appropriately named to match the theme. People congregated around standing tables and lounged in booths sipping their drinks and nibbling at the cupcakes provided.

By 9:00, the party was in full swing. In the corner, DJ Matt Payne played a great set, effortlessly transitioning between songs. For any one person who left the party, two more entered dressed to the nines. Everyone had clearly paid careful attention to their outfit, and good thing too, as the night was all about fashion. About halfway through the evening the bar service stopped to give way to a short, but enjoyable, catwalk show. Six models strutted across the bar with long cigarette holders, frilly flapper dresses, fur stoles and pocket handkerchiefs. It took several minutes for the bar service to begin again, causing guests to impatiently cram in front of the bar hoping for a drink. Once the bartender returned, however, it was all smooth sailing and the service was relatively quick.

The success of this anniversary party matched, if not exceeded, that of last year. 30 tickets had to be added to accommodate demand. Chalk it up to good advertising or the popularity of themed parties in St Andrews, but Concrete Catwalk has proven to have a loyal fan base which no doubt indicates continual success and a growing readership for years to come.

Image sourced from Concrete Catwalk St Andrews’ Facebook.