Creative Lock-In: Preview

The Art Society will be hosting a NIGHT OF CREATIVE MAYHEM in the Barron theatre, joined by *INKLIGHT*, *ST.ART*, *KNITSOC*, *JAZZWORKS* and Musicians of all shapes and sizes on Saturday 17th of November at 11.55 pm.

All creations and masterpieces will be showcased in ArtSocs upcoming exhibition at the end of November. Projects going on during the Lock-In include: 
 Huge collaborative canvas
 Clay sculpture
 Live Jazz
 Portrait painting 
 Novel writing
 Poetry freestyling 
 Strumming and drumming
 Jiving and jamming 
The Lock-In Manifesto: 
Imagine a place where all the arts are united under one word "creativity". Want to do something a little bit different with your night time, rather than just sleeping? Come at midnight and stay till the morning lights to create, imagine, explore and express yourself through art. Bring yourself and any artistic tool with which you are passionate to create! Bring pillows and sleeping bags! You will be fuelled by ideas, music, materials, and, yes, coffee in order to make sweet, sweet art all night long. Battle boredom and destroy inaction! (And bring duvets and sleeping bags too). Spread the word. 
Image courtesy of Mopic. Font by Saji Johnny. Edited by Kerri Pandjaitan.