Don’t Walk: At the top of their game

From the first teasers of this year DONT WALK had my attention. Having attended the show in the past, I was familiar with the previous performances and thought that I had a general idea of what to expect.  Upon entering the gates of Cambo Estate the excitement and suspense of what was to come of the night was very much notable amongst guests. In fact, this year DONT WALK has bought both suspense and excitement to the St Andrews social calendar through the advertising of their rebranding and relocation of the annual event.

Approaching the venue, guests were greeted with a magnificent light up marquee and DONT WALK marked their territory with a printed inflatable sign. As I walked into the marquee I was impressed with what had been done with the interior, from the setup of the venue to the use of colours. The fluorescent lighting and the minimalist decorations created an atmosphere of progression, relating back to their theme, ‘Progress & Regress.’

As the guests waited for the long anticipated show to begin the lights dimmed followed by the start of the introductory video. I was surprised to hear a string trio playing on stage, which I felt brought a classy feel to the event.

As the first models came on stage it was obvious that show would not be a let down. The opening choreography was, “Sick,” as a number of impressed guests around me noted. Featuring the first designer, Away to Mars, the models brought to the stage an opening act that no one could forget, with walks that were precise with music. What caught my eye with the opening act was the rewind motion that the models took as the music rewind. Without a doubt this opening act was the most impressive one I have seen!

The first segment of the show had a number of impressive designers including Alma de ace,  INK by Inge Kiang, M. Martin, Miko Spinelli, Sol Dela Villa and more. A designer that should be noted is L.K. Bennett, (one of my favourite fashion houses!). The purple number known as the ‘Delisa Embroidered Dress’ worn by model Nataliya was without a doubt one of my favourite pieces of the night.

Some other astonishing designers that should be noted are the clothing lines of Miko Spinelli, Dreamland  and Morta Nakaite. The Miko Spinelli’s segment featured outfits with intricate detailing from the jackets to the dresses. A contrast to Morta Nakaite, with their minimalist white and intriguing designs. The most stand out statement of the show was the oversized hats worn by the female models and the exceptionally different coat that had a hood creating a tunnel like feature.

After a short intermission with the auction of the night, the models took their positions on stage and slow music begun to play. Once the music dropped the female models undid the denim coloured wrap dresses they had been wearing and presented the audience with, Taryn Winters Lingerie, the change in hairstyle complimented the lingerie worn by the female models. Dressed in Beaufort & Blake, the male models with their slick back hair walked on stage with a different attitude from the first act.  The models all seemed to interact with the audience more in the second segment of the show, which allowed for the show to have a fun filled feel too it.

One of the most edgy designers of the night was, Ester kubisz, who featured edgy formal wear for both females and male with their signature sewn on strips.

To close the show, model Talia walked on stage with an outfit created by Narcissus Flowers and Plants, followed by the rest of the models and committee to celebrate the end of the show. The DONT WALK committee truly do look and act like they are not just a committee, but also a family. The show was without a doubt a success from the fashion to the music set.

The transition to the afterparty was run very smoothly, guests were asked to leave the tent and enjoy the snacks provided outside with the food stalls of Toro’s Japanese Tacos and Blackhorn. This in itself I thought ran very smoothly as they thought about how they would occupy the guests during the transition of the show. The headlining events NEIKED and Third Party saw guests parting along to songs like: Live Forever and Sexual.

It is without a doubt that this year the DONT WALK committee truly did bring their ‘A’ game. They paid attention to every detail and I was truly impressed in the diversity of clothes that were featured on the runway. DONT WALK created an air of anticipation for what was to come and they truly did pull of an impressive show.


All photos courtesy of DONT WALK