DONT WALK launch the UK Analogue Photography Award

It all started off with a Russian analogue camera – a Lomo Kompakt Automat – found by two students in Austria in the 1990s. A few casual snaps later, they had the film inside developed, only to find a truly great result: vibrant shots, saturated with colour, and framed with a shadowy vignette. They had discovered a new artistic medium that would take the amateur world of photography by storm. And so, Lomography was born.

Two decades later, DONT WALK have collaborated with Lomography to launch this year UK Analogue Photography Award, with the aim of celebrating film photography as an art form, in the ever-expanding digital age. After working this year with film photographer Alena Jascanka, DONT WALK have taken a more artistic stance, and hope to draw on the town's importance in the history of photography. It's a chance for all to express their individuality and creativity through the lens. Anyone living in the UK is eligible to enter – young or old, professional or amateur – all you need is an analogue camera and an eye for photography.

To celebrate the launch of the UK Analogue Photography Award, there will be an opening exhibition held on Monday 12th December until Friday 16th December in Mitchell's Deli.

Many thanks to Sherri DuPree Bemis for the use of her photo as the main image.