DONT WALK x Ma Bells presents The Society Room : Reviewed

The new DONT WALK (DW) committee took St Andrews by surprise by partnering up with Hotel Du Vin to host their first event of the academic year at Ma Bells. ’DONT WALK x Ma Bells,’ introducing the new Ma Bells Society Room to the St.Andrew’s nightlife.


I have always enjoyed DW events; however, I didn’t know what to expect from the night, events at Ma Bells can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. I’ve often found the space dark, loud and overcrowded, with a battle on your hands just to make your way to the exit. However, I can honestly say that DW had outdone themselves as most of my concerns about the event were left at the door.

For their first event of the year DW did an impressive job, hosting a night to remember. They had thought of everything; a wide range of music which was enjoyed by all had been selected, the queue outside flowed quickly, the bar service was good and quick and their personalised cocktail was delicious, a drink I would definitely order again. My favourite act of the night were the two DW DJs Dan Garner and Stu Hindmarch who ended the night with an exceptional set, which had everyone dancing until the last seconds.

My only criticism would be of how crowded the venue was, but this wasn’t a fault of the event organisers. It was simply the inevitable result of pulling off an excellent event during fresher’s week.

The committee did a great job “DON’T WALK starting the year off with a bang.” DW’s PR quoted to us, “it was the fullest house Ma Bells has ever seen. We are very excited about our partnership with Hotel Du Vin this year with many more big things to come, watch out!” The event was a big success and I and I’m sure a lot of people are looking forward to seeing what is next to come from DW!