House of Horrors: Back from the Grave

It is finally that time of year! Autumn has well and truly settled in and heavier coats and scarves have been making their appearance all throughout town. And autumn means that it is (at last) time for Halloween!


Last Halloween was a bit grim. There were plenty of flat parties to go around, but once people ventured out into town, most people were disappointed. The lines for the Union and the Vic were absolutely outrageous and many found themselves spending the majority of their time out waiting to get in somewhere. This year’s reboot of House of Horrors will be an immersive Halloween experience and is sure make the Halloween of last year a memory of the distant past.

The event is returning to St Andrews for the first time since 2014 and the hype and buzz surrounding it is remarkably high. Thanks to the talented publicity and marketing team (as well as the general public’s love for all things Halloween), the event’s launch party at The Rule was the definition of success having sold all five hundred tickets within a week. The full-scale event at Kinkell Byre on October 25th is sure to be incredible, if the launch party gives any indication.hh1

Tickets for the event on Tuesday October 25th are priced at £30. The theme is vintage Hollywood horror and I imagine that the venue will be wonderfully decorated, just as The Rule was. The lucky holders of VIP tickets, which were the same price but were sold a week before general sales, will have access to their own VIP area complete with a separate DJ and a candy bar, which is sure to be a hit.

All in all, House of Horrors is an event that just should not be missed. So get your ticket fast, pick out your most creative or scariest or revealing costume, and get ready for a frightfully fun night at Kinkell.