How To Child-Proof Your Home This Raisin Weekend

1. Plastic sheeting, and more plastic sheeting. It covers a multitude of sins – you never know what bodily or alcoholic fluids will seep into your carpet otherwise. Saves a lot of stress at the end of the year when the landlord comes round to inspect.

2. Lock bedroom doors and put up signs cleared labeled ‘TOILET THIS WAY’. This, however, can go slightly awry if someone decides it would be hilarious to move the signs around…

3. I would ideally say, ban all alcohol. But this obviously defeats the entire point of Raisin Weekend. I mean, err, it’s all about the tradition isn’t it? With strings of raisins and communal bonding across the student body……. Not a day to get younger kids wasted. Absolutely not.

4. A good way to child-proof your wallet: shop at Aldi. The one in Dundee is massive, but if you don’t have time to venture all the way over there, just pop up the branch on Largo Road. Without a doubt, the cheapest alcohol in the area.  Aldi’s own version of Winter Pimm’s? You won’t even be able to tell the difference.

5. Fill your fridge with loaves of bread and other inexpensive item you don’t mind being eaten. Cake is ideal, as is cold pizza. Rice pudding may just provide further mess.

Photo sourced from The Gingerbread House.