Masquerade 2012: Come In Disguises

With all its tickets sold out in under an hour, this year's Masquerade is set to be bigger and better than ever before. The Correspondents will set the bar for wackiest dance moves, Masquerade’s signature cocktails will fuel the night’s excitement and of course, Owl Eyes’ very own photo booth will be capturing the beauty of all masked guests.


So begs the question: what to wear? Looking at photographs from last year, there was an array of styles ranging from summer dresses to everybody’s favourite, the LBD. But perhaps with the arrival of an electro-swing band, suit-clad and tattooed all over, marks the beginning of something new. Combinations of flapper hems, drop-waists, sequins, pearls, head-bands and feathers with killer heels, dark eyes, blazers or chunky jewellery, could seamlessly match the alternative vibe of this event. 
And if you’re struggling to find a dress, just make sure your wearing a mask (that would be a statement!) Owl Eyes loves a mask that seemingly moulds like waxwork flowers onto its wearer’s face. Delicate gold or silver can make any outfit look fit for an ethereal character from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. With this accessory, we can certainly afford experimentation; whether you’ve made your own, drawn it on or treated yourself to a little vintage number online, have fun with it.
But most importantly, get excited. It isn’t often we see the beauty of St. Mary’s Quad by night, or that we have such a fabulous band in town. The DJs, the dancing and a dream-like environment, and all in support of a great cause at the Cystic Fibrosis Trust – to donate, just click here!
Images sourced from Because I'm Addicted and 10 Dollar Shake. Compiled by Annie Faichney.