Music is Love Presents: Ryan O’Reilly and the O’ Pears

Have you ever heard a song that just immediately externalises all the small insecure thoughts you’ve ever had in the most cathartic way? Or the perfect song to listen to as you drive through all the country roads out of St Andrews? Ryan O’Reilly’s ‘Boats against the current’ has long been one of my favourite songs to bring me instant peace and quiet and, I guess I’ll just admit it, a good cry. His new EP ‘Northern Light’s’ filled with beautiful, lyrical and honest songs is one of my go to albums when I need to relax after a big deadline.

Born in England with Irish heritage, his soulful voice coupled with his skilful guitar playing create the most wonderful and calming medley. You can hear the Irish influences in the inflection of his voice. Many of his songs focus on the pitfalls of relationships, some make you want to dance and some make you want to cosy up and listen.

This month he is embarking on a church tour around the UK. Music is Love will be hosting him in the Saint Andrews Church on Queen’s terrace on the 31st of March. He has said that St Andrews is the furthest North he has ever been before and I think it should be our duty to show him why Scotland should feature as a destination for his future tours.

Annabel Romanos, A Ryan O’Reilly super fan and the brains behind this event, says of the singer that ‘He has the capacity to engage with audiences and make them understand his music. It is set to be casual, cozy, and an all around feel good event.’

The O’Pears will be starring as the support act. Their music can only be described as angelic. The trio create the most beautiful harmonies reminiscent of the Staves, and will be the perfect addition to the evening.

Art Society and Some of Music is Love’s Student Musicians will be in residence to bring a festival vibe to the evening, with bottle decoration and an exhibition of some of the talented artists in St Andrews.

Picture cozy blankets, red wine, bottle painting, beautiful music and joy in the most beautiful church in St Andrews!