On the Rocks: Echofield

You may recognize Echofield, as the winners of this year’s charity ‘St Andrews Got Talent.' The band consists of Josh Taylor, Charles Harrison, and Ben Holloway, a guitar and vocal three-piece who are steadily increasing recognition and popularity within St Andrews and further afield. Owl Eyes had the oppourtunity to speak to Josh Taylor, lead vocalist, to learn more about the band…

Where do you come from, and how did you form the group?
I met Ben at St Andrews and had played music with Charles for about five years before I came to university. My previous band had broken up in light of us all going to university and I was keen to start something new. Charles and Ben are two great musicians and so it seemed like an obvious decision to all meet up and try it out.

We all hail from different cities (Newcastle, Glasgow & York) which provides its problems and advantages. However, it does allow us to tap into three different music scenes and so far we have had reasonable success doing so.

Congratulations on winning St Andrews Got Talent, how did you feel? What did you do with the winnings?
It is always great to get some recognition and is something we were struggling to do in St Andrews, where the music scene is somewhat elusive. It was good to play to a large, attentive crowd, something that unsigned artists unfortunately rarely see. We are yet to spend our winnings; we've put them in to a band pot along with any other money we make and will probably spend it in the summer to get an EP professionally recorded either in Glasgow or Newcastle.

Do you also write your own music?
Writing our own music is what we principally do. We only include the odd cover to keep crowd interest, a barrage of songs you have never heard of can get tiring and can seem somewhat over-indulgent coming from an unsigned bands. A lot of our music is on our Facebook Page and is free to download, it is the original music that we really push and is hopefully why people would choose to come and watch us rather than your average cover band.

How do you choose which songs to play for certain events?
Recently we've been asked to play events that require us to play more covers than we would normally like. However, these events provide us with great publicity, and in some cases, a way of financing the band. We've gauged which of our own songs go down best live, so creating a set list has become routine. Playing at unsigned events, such as “Wild Rumpus Presents”, is great and gives us an appropriate platform to perform original material and hear what the other local acts are doing.

What music or artistic genres influence your work?
All three of us have varying tastes. Ben is very much in to American-style music, think John Mayer to Bon Jovi. Charles is more in to heavier or more progressive styles which matches his Muso personality. On the other hand, I prefer British singer-songwriters and anything mellow. I’ll let you decide how that mixture comes out in our music.

What are your plans for the future?
We are supporting Blues award winner Marcus Bonfanti in York later this month and have some gigs lined up in Newcastle for the summer, as well as plans to record a full EP. I am off to America for a year from Septmember, so it is going to take a lot of working our how we can move the band forward despite being in separate continents. I think the summer will be crucial to making sure we have product worthy of promoting that will set us up for a hectic year when I return in 2013.

Thanks Josh! To keep up to date with Echofield news, visit their Facebook Page

Images sourced from Echofields.