Relaunching The Vic

It’s been a staple fixture in St Andrews as long as anyone can remember, associated with cheap drinks, sports clubs socials, and more recently, the popular miniMOOD Thursdays. But now The Vic is reopening it’s doors on Thursday 9th February with a brand new look, to take on the competitive St Andrews bar scene.

With an internal makeover from the designers of Mitchell’s Deli and a new bustling weekly social calendar, it looks set to reinvent itself as one of the top pubs in St Andrews.

Past visitors will know the trouble The Vic has had with defining its interior space. No one was ever quite sure whether you were meant to dance there or just head over for a quiet drink and a meal. Baffled faces were a common sight amongst those forced from their seats to make way for the evening’s dance floor.

Thankfully, it has finally made up its mind. The Vic will be split into two distinct sides: the Pub/Kitchen, which promises to serve good homemade comfort meals, and the Social Club, specifically assigned for DJ nights, cocktails and their ‘Posher than Posh’ selection of specialty gins, served from a medicine cabinet. Two new windows have been opened up, bringing extra light into the slightly gloomy old interior, and it's been fully decked out with antique furniture, to give it a cosier, vintage feel.

The launch weekend kicks off at 10pm on Thursday 9th February with their preview evening, hosted by Seedy Sound System, consisting of electro, indie, dubstep tunes, complete with live drums and sax, followed on Friday with the Helpmaboab Ceilidh and RnB boogie mix from Hallyburton.

The official opening will be celebrated on Saturday night with Radio Scotland DJ, Vic Galloway, cutting the ribbon at 10pm, and DJ Charlie Duthie of Wave 102 playing club tunes until 2am.

New DJ sets, however, are not the only part of The Vic's improved social calendar. Bar boot sales, book clubs and open mic nights are all scheduled to take place on a weekly basis, with a new Friday evening deal of a burger and a pint for £4.45 from 4.45-8pm.  

Whilst it may be criticized for introducing a new entry charge – £3 per person after 11pm on weekends – let’s hope the renovations will make it worth the extra pounds.

Visit The Vic, St. Mary's Place, St Andrews from 10pm on Thursday 9th February. To hear more about the new improved Vic, visit their Facebook Page.

Images sourced from The Vic and Johnnie Common.