The Return of House of Horrors

Everyone loves Halloween. It is a holiday where we can dress up and feel like kids again (and get drunk while doing it). On one of the first truly cold nights of the year, The Rule was transformed into something out of our Halloween dreams – especially given the utter lack of events on the holiday last year. Relaunched and revamped after its last event in 2014, House of Horrors is back in St Andrews to make Halloween spooktacular.

img_0972Last night’s launch of the new-but-old event was the first time for the general public to see the incredibly creative faces behind the event and it really was not something to be missed. The impressive and extensive décor completely transformed The Rule into something nearly unrecognisable; with blood spatters, X-Rays (a personal favourite addition), and cobwebs galore. The committee members and even the bartenders were aligned with the theme wearing creepy face paint.

img_0966The ‘blood shots’ which were part of the extensive promotion were very fun (who doesn’t love jell-o shots?), though maybe not as plentiful as people assumed they would be. The music really made the night as the DJ had a steady stream of tracks that had few, if any, low points. That, combined with how insanely busy the event was at around 23:30, gave the launch similar vibes to that of an actual full-fledged event. The VIP ticket gave lucky early birds the chance to go up to the second floor The Rule where the DJ booth was overlooking the rest of the venue as well as more access to the coveted blood shots.

img_0950The Facebook marketing campaign seriously paid off given the fact that the tickets on Fixr sold out within a week and that they were completely sold out an hour after doors opened, having sold a total of 500 tickets. The price of the tickets (‎£4/5) was more than worth it and I think many people would have paid much more for the event. The success is incredible for a launch event and goes to show how anticipated the actual event is. Based on the spectacular success and the general vibes of the launch, I think it is more than safe to say that the actual House of Horrors event on October 25th is going to be a definite must on everyone’s calendars.

Photos by Max Waller