There is little in this world that brings me greater joy than finding a great bargain: the rush of rummaging through the racks and bins until finally coming out with a perfect item of clothing. As you wistfully wander through the store, you can almost hear the clothing calling to you, waiting in anticipation to be tried on and shone off for the world to see. It is a magical feeling.

In recent weeks, I have been reminded about the power of thrift shopping. My fabulously fashionable roommate, Tessa, has bombarded me with marvellously thrifted vintage pieces, mixing them effortlessly with her eclectic wardrobe to create mod and unique outfits. Her tried-and-true approach to style has given me the impetus to give thrifting another go. I was lucky enough to have just the opportunity when I met up with the Thrifting Society’s president, Hannah Geoff, at this past weekend’s Vintage Fair.

thrift-soc Upon meeting Hannah, I was instantly struck by her laid-back confidence and steadfast sense of self. These qualities were then reflected and exemplified by her clothing choices. Her ensemble was made up of a groovy set of maroon velvet pants, a geometric 80’s inspired sweater, and a pair of superb loafers her grandmother passed down to her.  I could not wait to see what her tricks were to finding such rad hidden gems.

Hannah expressed to me that one of the first things she looks for when shopping is texture. She will examine the piece to see what it is made out of and how it feels, also what it would look like collaborated with other things in her closet. Her approach to finding the certain clothing pieces she wants has a sprinkle of fate to it. This instinctual take lets her find pieces that are really meant to be hers, and she appreciates the lives these clothes lived before they fall into her arms. 

vintage-2By shopping vintage, she remarked, you can truly develop a personal style that is not influenced by trends or celebrity culture. As we meandered through the various colourfully cluttered stalls, she carefully examined each piece, looking for the beauty where it may have long been forgotten. I found a few jackets that peaked my interest and she gave her stamp of approval to my findings.

The longer we spent at the fair, the more I got to know about how Hannah had developed this keen interest in thrifting clothes. Her passion for the topic bleeds into almost all other areas of her life. She explained the impact of clothes waste, the constant overturn of everyone buying and throwing away clothing, has on the environment. It inspired her to curate a wardrobe stuffed with only thrifted pieces (except for knickers). vintage-3

By running the Thrifting Society and throwing events like clothing swaps, she has explored this passion deeper with like minded people following her lead. If you are interested in getting involved with this society, keep an eye out for upcoming events on their Facebook page.

Before we parted ways, Hannah gave me a piece of advice for those who might be intimidated to start thrifting. She sassily commented “More things are thrifted in life than you think, so get over yourself.”  I could not have said it better myself.thrift-1