Tips for Surviving Raisin Weekend

Raisin Weekend—the most lauded of St Andrews traditions—is almost upon us. If you’re new to St Andrews, you’ve probably heard plenty about it by now, but you may not fully understand what you’re in for. If you’re worried about how you could possibly endure an entire day of drinking and debauchery whilst bonding with your academic family and running all over town, here are a few tips on how to last the weekend.

For Sunday:

Pace yourself. While a large part of Raisin is testing the limits of the human liver, know when it’s time to switch to water or take a food break. Sunday will be no fun if you’re vomiting all over your dad’s sofa or tripping down Market Street with your trousers round your ankles to the horror of the townspeople just trying to walk their dogs. Know how much drink you can handle and don’t be afraid to ask to skip out on a game if you’re not feeling great. (To the parents: make sure you’re being responsible and keeping your kids safe. It’s 100% okay to join in on the imbibing, but just be aware of everyone’s state of inebriation and maybe enact an alcohol time-out if someone’s looking a little green.)

Speak up. If there’s anything going on that you don’t feel comfortable doing, or if you really need a lie-down halfway through the day, don’t be afraid to say it! Your parents can’t read minds and they may not pick up on something being wrong if you don’t say anything about it. While it is their job to take care of you, you also need to be aware of yourself and voicing any concerns will only ensure you continue to have a good time.

Eat something. (Parents: Feed your kids!) Trust me when I say that a handful of Doritos at 4pm isn’t going to cut it and you’ll feel a lot better later.

Be considerate. As you’re probably well-aware, we aren’t the only people who occupy this town. Have fun on your scavenger hunts and various activities, but don’t do anything that might cause injury or damage to yourself and others in town. Try not to leave a trail of broken glass and crisp bags wherever you go—cleaning up litter isn’t fun for anyone! There will most likely be a police presence about, so no open bottles in the streets and no-antisocial behaviour. This seems like a no-brainer and we all get the email about this every year, but it actually really matters. It is completely possible to have a ton of fun on Raisin without being a jerk about it!

Last thing: For Monday’s foam fight, don’t wear shoes you like a lot. (I made that mistake and lost a brand new pair of Nikes to the fray.)

Some of these tips may seem quite obvious, but if it prevents any serious injury (to your body, pride, and liver) it definitely needs to be said. Stay safe and have an amazing Raisin!

Image sourced from Tumblr.