Top 5 Coffee Shops to Revise in

With revision in full flow, I’ve put together a handy little guide of the top 5 coffee shops to study in. There are many coffee shops in St Andrews; however, these are my top 5 and when in need of a change I usually rotate through these 5 coffee shops.

1. Taste

A shop perched by the corner where North Street meets Greyfriars, is one of the most sought out coffee shops in St Andrews. It is one of my favourite areas to study in; with its well prepared drinks, an array of different cakes and its calm, laid back atmosphere. When lucky enough to get a seat in the coffee shop you are able to experience its comfy couch and the long table by the window that is best for both studying and people watching. The only downside of Taste is that it is very popular to both students and locals and therefore can get very busy in there during peak hours. A positive is that it is opened from 7am-10pm and therefore can give you a morning dose of strong coffee or a second espresso if an all-nighter is on the cards to finish a deadline or finish studying.

2. Cottage Kitchen

Like Taste, Cottage Kitchen is one of the most popular coffee shops in St Andrews. It is quite difficult to get a seat when coming during lunch or weekend brunch times; however, if you get a seat around one of these times consider yourself lucky as it has a lovely lunch and breakfast menu. It is also one of those coffee shops that is nice to work in when quiet as it has a lovely selections of teas, well made coffee and they just started to offer the every popular chai tea latte’s and London Fogs. If one asks me what I think of Cottage Kitchen I would say that it is, “cute” and gives off a “homely feel,” allowing one to be comfortable and relaxed whilst working. The coffee shop is central making it a great place to take coffee breaks in between lectures.

3. Bean Room

Bean Room is honestly one of my favourite places to work in. It is well located on Bell Street and is a well laid out coffee shop making it easy to study in and not so claustrophobic. The music that is played in the Bean Room is relaxed and easy to study too. The tables are easy to work on and the couches are prime locations to trawl through a reading list. Only downside is to make sure you have a fully charged laptop before committing to a Beanroom study sesh, plug sockets are a challenge to come by in this café. The breakfast and lunch menu makes up for the lack of sockets as they have some of the best deals you can get in St Andrews. With a Breakfast deal of under £3 where you can get a roll and a coffee, and a good lunchtime deal for £5.

4.The Old Union Diner

This coffee shop is highly underrated; it is a University run coffee shop and therefore well priced. With a cosy atmosphere and well priced food The Old Union Diner is a student’s paradise. I find myself working in The Old Union Diner quite often, especially if I have a break in between classes and don’t want to have to deal with the stress of the Library especially during deadlines and revision week.

5. The British Golf Museum Cafe

If you have not been here yet you are missing out on the hidden gem. The View is unreal, one side looking on to the oldest golf course in the world and the other with the view of the sea. The view you get from a coffee shop has a lot of impact of how the place makes you feel, the view of the sea makes me feel so calm especially when studying. It also has got a good selection of teas, coffees and other beverages. The food is winners, with their own chef and a changing menu everyday the food is freshly prepared and most importantly yummy! Located on the Scores this coffee shop is away from student areas, as it is not very well known and is not as busy, it’s normally only occupied by locals making it hard to procrastinate, like I normally do when I see someone I know.