Very Vintage

Rather like the aptly named ‘Rummage’ store, you had to be prepared to hunt at the Very Vintage Fashion Fair, which took place on 22nd September in Venue 1. A delightful collection of vintage clothing, delicate cake stands, tiny-sized shoes and the occasional ‘atmosphere’ shirt thrown in to fox you, this was definitely my favourite event of the year so far. 

‘Vintage’ these days comes attached to a certain lifestyle, and so of course here were clothes you-wish-you-could-wear, clothes that can only be worn with THAT red lipstick (you know what I’m talking about) and then, of course, the downright weird.  From the £150 ‘barely worn!’ Louboutin’s to the 75p leather notebooks, baskets of silk scarves and dozens of handbags, I doubt anyone escaped empty handed.
I proudly tottered out after an hour and a half, significantly worse off but laden down with new purchases, including a new bag (Ivy Rose Vintage) and sweets (the All-American Candy store).  Watch out for me smugly walking around Market Street in my new (faux) fur coat… probably along with the rest of St Andrews. When asked where it’s from, we will proudly say, “its vintage, dahling”. 

Mairi Cameron 

Rachel Flinn tips us off on the vintage trends for A/W 2012

 Faux Fur (and a couple of real fur) jackets were littered on every railing ranging in colour, fur type, length and price, perfect for the dreaded St Andrews winter  weather.

  There was such a massive selection of old-school bags to start the academic year, buried away beneath the many jackets and worn-out shirts. Snazzy quilted PVC backpacks reminded me of the many jet black Moncler snow jackets you see dotted around our streets. The hip printed satchel could also be the perfect day bag, and the chain print is set to be a trend for this season.

 Ivy Rose Vintage offered more lady-like handbags, from the subtle Chanel suede in caramel to the vibrant lime green leather that looked like it fell out of a hippy's wardrobe.

 I adored the rustic-looking Doc Martins from Nicely Eclectic. As a contrast to the more classic black or brightly coloured clan, these brown leather booties are brilliant for autumn.

 Tables were cramped with jewellery galore: glamorous gold broaches, dangly earrings and heavy-stoned rings to suit any attire.

  Scaramanga’s colourful leather satchels were pricey, but probably the best quality items in the Fair. They also sold miniature leather notebooks and £2 leather purses.

 Sister Vintage was by far my favourite stall, leaving me spoiled for choice and restricted by my purse! Yet items were reasonably priced, with the floral crop tops perfect for holding onto those summer vibes. The stall also offered original denim shorts in tie-dye, bleached and stud styles. 

  In a nod to the on-going plaid trend, I found a unique tartan frill-laced poncho to cosy-up any lecture outfit… when in Scotland…

 Rummage, our very own vintage store situated at 138 South Street, flounced lengthy dresses, snuggly jumpers and denim jackets alongside a truck load of silk scarves and cutesy bunting.

  You can check out more vintage styling here and here!

Images courtesy of Author, Terry W Ryder, Nito, and Tarun Ram
Brushes by SeasonsTea
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Compiled and edited by Kerri Pandjaitan.