What to Wear: Starfields 2016

Bright blue skies are predicted, you’ve stored up a small amount of energy after freshers to hit the town one more time, but what are you going to wear? Take a moment to glance at your wardrobe. Angrily stomp around the room for a minute. Ponder whether ASOS can deliver in a day if you wish REALLY REALLY hard. Then take a look at this.

Thankfully, the first major event in St Andrews is a festival. You are within your right to pull the strangest and most sparkly outfit out of your wardrobe, mix them into a glimmering petrol swirl with some trainers and head on out. Yet, for those who are still staring at their wardrobe in hungover horror, here are a few ideas to get you started.

starfields outfit 1


Ripped mom jeans are the ultimate laid back cool, comfy yet practical. They are even better with a few mermaid-esq sequins. Slip on a black crop top and a bang on a trendy kimono jacket and voila! You have not only a fabulously eccentric outfit, but you are prepared for when the temperature inevitably plummets as soon as dusk sets in.

starfields outfit 2


This year’s killer line up promises a long night of dancing. You can easily transform the playsuit you have been lounging in all day into the ultimate dance ensemble. Just put on some glittering trainers and a quirky beanie. When picking a bag, avoid clutches if possible. Fist pumping with your hands full can be a bit of a challenge. Think small crossbody bag, and add a few fun patches while you’re at it.

Starfields outfit 3


Don’t ignore the potential of a glossy pair of hunters. A shimmery slip dress wrapped in a khaki bomber jacket will look a dream with a statement necklace and knee high boots. It is the closest thing to sensual chic that you can get at a festival.

starfields glitter and tattoos


Top of your look with a flash tatt or two, or give the glitter roots trend a whirl. In the blink of an eye and hopefully a cloud of glitter you’re ready to hit Lower College Lawn.