Why You Should Don A Shite Shirt

Everyone knows a man with a truly awful shirt. Be it pink paisley or an impulse purchase whilst on holiday in Hawaii, a bad shirt is not forgotten quickly. Dads are renowned for owning such treasures, as well as anyone who was alive during the Eighties. You only need to take a look at your parents’ old photo albums to spot these ghastly garments.

Then there are those who embrace the bad shirt. Meet Shite Shirts, a website that specializes in creating and selling customized shirts, made from the most eye-watering designs imaginable. Think patchwork quilt, but attached to your torso. Each shirt is made up of no less than eleven different fabrics – the more hideous, the better.

Part of the fun of Shite Shirts is that it is a lottery. You have absolutely no say in the design or pattern of your shirt; you just have to wait until it arrives on your doorstep to discover what it looks like. This would make the perfect buy for the man – or woman – who has everything. Whilst the £33 price tag may seem a bit hefty, considering the shirt is, quite frankly, horrible, the high-fives you will get whilst wearing one around town will make it all the worthwhile.

To purchase a Shite Shirt, visit their website.

Images sourced from Shite Shirts.